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Welcome to Food Handler Guide ! Your best online guide for finding Cheap Food Handler Certification Courses . What this website can do for you: 1.Find all cheap Food Handling courses in Australia 2.Get Food Handling Certificate 3. Find jobs.


Thanks for coming to the about page! Hi My name is Mia James, creator of Food Handler Guide. I worked in the hospitality industry for many years. When I first did my food handling course, there were not many options out there but face to face courses and they were quite expensive considering the hourly rate I had.skd181312sdc

In these days, there are so many food handling or food safety courses for both food handlers and food safety supervisors in Australia.Why we create this site? My answer for this good question is because there are so many course providers out there, which is a great news for anyone wants to get a food handling certificate because you have more options to choose. However it is very time consuming to go through each one of them and pick the best one to enroll. Worse comes worst, after you spend tons of time but still not sure which one to use.

Don’t worry we will provide you the best online tool to find the cheapest food handling course. But sometimes cheapest course doesn’t mean the best quality, so we provide the most independent reviews for each course provider. Why the reviews are independent?  These reviews are coming from the real users. We introduce the start rating system for the users to rate these schools. Also we search and ask around in social media to do the research for you. We believe words of mouth is very important.

Food Handler Guide can answer your questions regarding Food Hygiene and Food Safety courses.

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